Blaze Bratcher

Clouds for you…

Thank you everyone for such an encouraging response to my new Light and Color shop!  I learned a lot from you and greatly appreciate your comments.  I’m so happy to be offering affordable artwork!

Today I have a new set in the shop.  Each print is only $3.00 and only $5.00 for the pair!  Here is what the set looks like together:

You can buy them here!  Don’t forget, every Wednesday will bring something new to Light and Color!

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9 thoughts on “Clouds for you…

  1. Such talent! :) Love clouds too..

  2. Gorgeous! love the paper airplane and the colors.

    Your Light and Color shop says just $5 for the complete set of 4, should probably change that to set of 2.

  3. SO pretty!! This is one of my favorite paintings of yours :) The colors are wonderful and it’s so light & airy… and the paper airplane. It makes me so happy! I really love it Blaze.

  4. Beautiful!! Love all of the gentle colours, but they still have depth <3

  5. Wow! I love clouds. This is so beautiful!

  6. I love clouds too, very nice and soft ones!

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